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A Practical Training Program for Conservators of Built Heritage

About the Mosaic Conservation Section

Conservation Engineering in Israel, 1988–2013

The Bet Sheʽan Conservation Project
Conservation Concurrent with Excavating, Excavator’s Guide
Ami Shahar, National Conservation Inspector

The guide is a product of ongoing cooperation between the IAA and the research institutes and scientific expeditions.
The purpose of the guide is to facilitate the process of receiving an excavation license, and simplify it as regards the conservation section.
This will be done by specified and uniform work procedures for all of those involved.

It is our hope that the guide will clarify IAA procedures with respect to conservation of the finds
during the excavation seasons and between the seasons. In that way the guide will contribute to slowing the processes that cause the deterioration
and destruction of cultural heritage for the benefit of archeological research and of the public.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Granting Excavation Licenses in Israel
3. Conditions for Receiving an Excavation License, Conservation Concurrent with Excavating 
4.  Excavation Director’s Commitment to Perform Conservation Concurrent with Excavating (Appendix 7a of Regulation 3.10)

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