The Hammam al-Pasha is one of the most heavily advertised—and perhaps one of the most heavily visited—tourist attractions in the Old City of Akko; markers of the site can be found in almost any tourist guidebook on Israel. In order to understand the historical and cultural authenticity‘ of this site, this research applies the framework of architectural documentation to the analysis of a touristic phenomenon, surveying tourists‘ experiences as they explore the Turkish Bathhouse. The final outcome of this project is a thorough record of the ‗tourist experience‘ of the Hammam al-Pasha during a specific moment in time (June 2011), which combines interviews of locals, surveys of tourists, and content analysis of tourist advertisements, as well as an analysis of the implications on ‗authenticity‘ of conserving the Turkish Bathhouse as a tourist attraction.
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A project within the framework of "Saving the Stones: Practical Conservation Training Internship".
The International Conservation Center - Città di Roma, Old Acre