In 2009 the planning and implementation of the first stage of the renovation for the ICC was done by the Israeli Antiquity Authorities. During that time they also cleaned the whole building, and assembled over 70 objects. This collection of objects is the subject of this project.
Each object consisted of material like metal, glass, clay etc, and are in all shapes and sizes. In the archaeological world these objects are not significant, as the majority of them date from the Ottoman Period to the present day; however, as the objects were assembled in the ICC building, they convey extreme amount of significance to the building, and thus therefore should be kept in the building and be exhibited. Due to the significance of the objects to the building, the main aim of the project is to exhibit these objects.

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A project within the framework of "Saving the Stones: Practical Conservation Training Internship".
The International Conservation Center - Città di Roma, Old Acre